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ADSL status..plss help...

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    Default ADSL status..plss help...

    hi dudes...this is hemanth...i've come up with a problem few days back saying less speeds...
    plsss check out my ADSL status once...

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    as you can data rate in Downstream is 2048 Kbps(it;s quite ok i guess)...and Upstream it is 64 Kbps(WTF??)....previously it used to be 256Kbps in the it's showing low...

    and as i mentioned before...i've checked out my friends ADSL status...and for him it is 10091 Kbps(Downstream) and 865 Kbps(Upstream)...

    i guess my low speeds are due to the less data rates...
    what do you ppl suggest??
    any modifications to increase the data rates in my modem...
    or Modem Replacement??

    plss help me out guys...i've been dying to download at a fast rate....but cant...pls help me out.....

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    Default New Modem Status

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    this is my new modem status....Datarate in the UPSTREAM is back to 256Kbps again...this is the never crossed this...i think thats why i'm not getting upload speeds over how can this issue be resolved??plss help me dudes...thanks in advance....

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    speeds are determined by your local exchange machinery to which your phone line is connected.there is nothing you can do to increase speeds.what your friend's line rate of 10000kbps suggests is that his line is probably connected to newer machinery & since bsnl is planning on increasing speeds that's why this rate.what it means is that whenever bsnl increase speeds your line rates will automatically increase when your modem syncs with local your friend's case his line is already configured for higher speeds & he will probably get the increased speeds first whenever bsnl increase speed because your line speeds haven't been upgraded yet.also the line rates denotes max capable speeds on that line not the actual download speed provided.your friend will not get 10000kbps.

    also as for your upload rate of 256kbps your upstream line attn of 31 is very rate is 512kbps & my upstream line attn is 15.the higher your line attn lesser will be the speeds but usually downstream line attn is always higher than upstream line attn.(in my case it is 29 & 15).get your line checked by contacting local exchange.
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