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Help.....Billed usage shown in excess...

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    Default Help.....Billed usage shown in excess...


    i chkd my account usage today aftr a long shows 3611 d 8 a.m to 2 a.m period.......but i hav not used my limit.....i hav been facin a prblem wid my connection as it has been disconnecting just aftr 5 seconds.....i hav lodged several complaints wid BSNL......

    wat shud i do......i still hav to recieve my bill....shud i complain about d usage....while it is still unbilled....or shud i wait for my bill......while i was chekin my usage i found dat dere were many entries of aftr 2 a.m(i.e of free usage period).....plz help me out....or else i wud end up payin a hefty amount.....

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    Those free usage period might have been due to the fact that you have kept on running the modem and downloaded even before 2 a.m. and continued it through the free time period and would have even continued it even after 8 a.m., even though for not long, hence it might be showing only those you used during the regular time.

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    all the data downloaded in the free time will be shown in the account usage but you will not be charged for that!but keep in mind to restart your router at 2:10 AM to be on the safer side.

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    it shows 3611 d 8 a.m to 2 a.m period.
    @player,bsnl portal now shows free usage separately so if prashant.cn21 is getting the extra usage in billable time slot he will be billed for that.
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    Default hi, just spend a little time to avoid excess billing.

    To avoid this kind of usage detail prolems, u can use du meter which will give u the hourly report of ur broadband usage so that u can check complete details of usage for 24 hours a day for the whole month.
    u can import the usage detail to ms excel and u can keep a very good detailed record of ur usage. So no confusion no excess billing.
    u can compare the usage detail from bsnl website and du meter both will show approximately same usage details.
    Both may have 50 mb difference for 1 gb..........
    (for home 500 users )the important thing for always online user is to switch of ur router\modem at 1.45 am and switch it on at 2.15 am and switch off it at 7.45 and switch on it at 8.15 am for safe billing.
    again i repeat u to use du meter if u dont want excess billing.
    after using the du meter if u get excess billing u can give complaint to bsnl general manager of ur area which is a big process.
    understand it then use it. very simple.
    ( there will be exceptions for everything)
    i know this will fix ur problem .or u can post ur problems here. i gave the solution and its up to u to follow.
    this is rajmohan s.g. from chennai.
    dataone -best service if u use it properly.
    dataone-worst service if u r lazy.
    love u all.

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