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slow speed with huawei 1003a

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    Default slow speed with huawei 1003a

    hi all,
    i am using a huawei w1003a instead of creating a new connection i have tried to set the device to keep me always online, but there are a couple of problems that i am facing the first one is that the speed is really slow and its getting timed out on the other hand when i create a new connection in windows its much faster, the second problem is that i cannot make the wireless connection secured,i am in kolkata right now and i am using the bsnl home 250 plan i have follwed a couple of links to configure the device need help.

    N.B:- the links that i have followed are:
    Quidway WA-1003A ADSL MODEM MENU

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    to make your wireless connection secure. go to your modem settings then look for the WIRELESS tab.. and enter a WEP key.. just like a password make sure you enter a long and strong one.. then next time when you connect to your wifi network it will ask for the WEP Key..
    One of the reasons for slow speed could be DNS.. try changing your DNS server to opendns and .. try this Prashanth Speaks-Technology and Life: HOW TO CONFIGURE DNS SERVER IN YOUR MODEM OR ROUTER

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    thanks mate for replying there might have been a server problem i reset the device and configured it back and then speed is ok however didnt get chance to check the wireless appreciate ur quick reply

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