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Bsnl Evdo

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    Hi all,

    though i searched all along, are there any users of BSNL's EVDO braodband here? I know we fall into a niche clientele of BSNL.. i want someone from Bangalore to comment on their EVDO speeds, with exchange location nd connection times.. im RT Nagar, and seems its still not activated in our towers. They were doing some maintenace though.. praying its an EVDO upgrade Please reply


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    There is quite good EVDO coverage in Bangalore and bsnl is upgrading the towers and giving coverage now. I dont own a EVDO in bangalore but my friend's cousin owns it and he has some good experiece. I think you need to visit this site and register in their forum for dedicated information regarding BSNL EVDO : BSNL EVDO CLUB - Unofficial Website

    I found a lot info their..

    And sorry to bump it up

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