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I can get into the college router, what changes to be made????

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    Default I can get into the college router, what changes to be made????

    NIB on a Huawei router

    Hi guys,
    I am in a fix, and hope you guys will help me out.. my problem is very complicated , but I will try and make it simple....

    I access Internet through Wifi on my college LAN.
    Most of the times I specify the ip address and default gateway in ipv4 settings....

    My ip address
    My ipV4 gateway is

    even after these settings, I have to specify The proxy( and port(8080) in the "Internet explorer" settings..

    so far so good, the normal internet works fine, and I can download/ upload but many restrictions are there like

    1)I cannot use torrents
    2)Many sites like orkut are banned..

    Now I know the username and pass for the Huawei Router at
    But strangely whenever I try to go to default gateway?),It says page not found

    My questions are

    1)Is this the same router that is providing us internet through default gateway

    2) What changes Can I do "IN THE ROUTER SETTINGS " to make torrents works ( Can I setup socks5 proxy server) or maybe I can make it work so that It does not require proxy address and port in the internet settings??

    3) What changes can be made to remove restrictions on sites like

    Pls help me in this regard, And feel free to ask if u guys have any doubts regarding my connection settings
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    Now I know the username and pass for the Huawei Router at
    you said your gateway is

    the setup in colleges is not that have a central server which connects directly to net.from there connection is distributed among various departments/hostels etc using may be possible that your connection contains more than 1 router since you have to use a proxy every time which means the proxy is setup on central server.even if you do manage to login into router if the ports are blocked/not forwarded at central server you can't do have to access central server to remove this proxy using & my suggestion is do not try would be considered a discipline breaking action which may have serious consequences.

    anyway using torrents at college is never a good idea & to access orkut use proxy sites.
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    Default looks like the standard Windows xp ICS .. normally thats the default ip they give out as the server when ICS is enabled.. i dont think its a router cause then you would have been able to access it..
    as whitestar said better not to mess up with the setup and you could use proxy

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