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Inaccessibility to sites which are not visited often.

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    Angry Inaccessibility to sites which are not visited often.

    Hi, I am Amir Tambe. From the past few days i have been witnessing this bizarre problem. I am unable to access any sites although the sites like google and mail accounts like gmail etc work fine. But if i google somehting and after getting the results if i click on the desired link, which i am interested in, it does not take me anywhere. Instead it says server not found . And this keeps repeating on and on. For instance recently i wanted to visit But it simply won't open. It would say server not found. Thats it. It is like i am at the mercy of my internet connection. Whatever it wants me to see i can see only that and nothing else . In any of the mail accoutns too. i am unable to upload anything from my PC, i.e. if i want to attach a file i am completely prohibited to do so. If any of you can help me out sort this problem then it would be greatly appreciated. For information i am using BSNL's Home 500 plan and i use both I.E. and Mozilla for web browsing.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

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    probably a DNS problem try changing your DNS servers to opendns - Prashanth Speaks-Technology and Life: HOW TO CONFIGURE DNS SERVER IN YOUR MODEM OR ROUTER

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