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Small Help....

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    Unhappy Small Help....

    Hi ... i am on 500 nite unlmtd plan .... i wake up in the morning at 5 and download till 8 .... i download on an average abt 850 mb daily .... after that i restart the modem .... the problem is that i have opted for annual billing .... so i get the bill only next year ... i still havent got my portal id ... so i cant check my usage ... wat if bsnl billed me once it for all to the tune of say 10,000 ... how do i get my portal id ..?

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    contact your local exchange & ask for your portal ID.they should give you the portal ID within a week of getting the connection.
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    Make sure you connect atleast 4 minutes before 8 AM. If you cross 8 am entire usage will be carried over as billed amount.

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