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Best Home Plan for Video Chat

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    Default Best Home Plan for Video Chat

    Hello Friends,

    Please advise which would be the best BSNL plan for a Video Chat/conference. I currently have UL750.

    Also can someone tell what is the data usage during a video chat.

    I would like to use MSN Live messenger for video chat initially and check for any specialized video chat programs later on.

    Best regards,

    Anand K.

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    I recommend that it is better to stick with the unlimited plan if you are uncomfortable with UL750 then you can opt for UL1350(512Kbps) if possible otherwise if you use video conferencing frequently and go for the limited plans though they have speed upto 2Mbps you will end up in huge amount of bills as video conferencing uses lots of bandwidth!

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    Because of low bandwidth (256 kbps) with the UL750 plan, you might suffer with lag and sometimes choppy video. But video chatting means a lot of usage and for that any limited usage/high bandwidth plan will be problematic (unless you video chat during the happy hours).

    Hence it is better to stick with your current plan and just as player suggested, you can go to the higher plan if you need it (and I mean really need it). The UL1350 is quite expensive for the average home user.
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    I use skype to do video chat on a 150 kbps account of reliance wimax
    I do not have any issues, the picture is real time and very clear

    I think that application used does matter more than the bandwidth

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    Default Thank You Note

    Many thanks for your quick responses.

    I will surely stick to the UL plans. Infact since I was unsure of the bandwidth usage for video conferencing, I purposefully went with the UL plan.

    I will first check-out the video quality with my current UL750 for a few days. If it is ok, will stick on to it, otherwise I will upgrade to UL1350.

    I do know it is a bit of steep price to pay, but as it is the only reliable way to be in constant touch with my loved ones, it will be bearable.

    Thank you again for your valuable inputs.

    Best regards,

    Anand K.

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