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More step by step guides ...

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    Default More step by step guides ...


    I am ready to make more step by step guides. However I do not have guides and screenshots for many common router. The member can send me the guides and screenshots to my yahoo mail-id.

    Procedure to take screen shots:
    1. Login to your router
    2. Navigate to each and every page
    3. On each page, press [ALT] + [Printscreen]
    4. Open paintbrush (Start --> Run --> mspaint)
    5. Paste the screenshot (Ctrl + V)
    6. Save the file (JPEG format preferred)

    Zip the screenshots in .zip or .rar format and send them to me.

    If possible send the user guide (PDF) also.

    I will make these guides only during my free time and it may take a while in making but I promise to make an effort.
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    good idea who dont we start from router models that are frequently discussed here. mine is ADSL2+ Modem 440TXI

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