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very slow speed

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    Default very slow speed

    iam suddenly getting very slow speeds 24 kbps bandwidth such that even the bsnl speed tester takes 15min to show. also i tried to connect lot of times and failed(from 6pm i tried and got connection only now 9pm). bridge mode utr300r2u modem 500c plan. will changing to pppoe mode solve the problem. or is it that my modem is damaged(3 months old)?
    will changing back to bsnl dns solve it? if so what are bsnl dns servers?
    please help???

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    OMG you are getting really slow speeds ............ which DNS servers are you using use open DNS servers i.e.
    Primary DNS:
    Sec. DNS:

    see this solves your problem also check your line attenuation and SNR values and check whether there is some disturbance in your line(dial tone) or not

    it is nothing to do with how old your modem is and there will be no effect whether you use bridge mode or pppoe mode

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    DNS servers wont be able to increase your download speed but it can increase your browsing speed

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    i am using open dns servers. ichecked attenuation and snr they are normal.
    usually the internet light in modem blinks fast. but now it blinks slowly. but i got 4 superframe errors and hec errors. is it due to there superframe and hec errors?

    Statistics -- ADSL

    Mode: G.DMT
    Type: Interleave
    Line Coding: Trellis On
    Status: No Defect
    Link Power State: L0

    Downstream Upstream
    SNR Margin (dB): 19.5 22.0
    Attenuation (dB): 3.0 4.5
    Output Power (dBm): 11.8 11.8
    Attainable Rate (Kbps): 12321 1440
    Rate (Kbps): 7995 761
    K (number of bytes in DMT frame): 232 23
    R (number of check bytes in RS code word): 0 0
    S (RS code word size in DMT frame): 1 1
    D (interleaver depth): 1 1
    Delay (msec): 0 0

    Super Frames: 40532 40531
    Super Frame Errors: 4 0
    RS Words: 0 0
    RS Correctable Errors: 0 0
    RS Uncorrectable Errors: 0 N/A

    HEC Errors: 2 0
    OCD Errors: 0 0
    LCD Errors: 0 0
    Total Cells: 12993359 0
    Data Cells: 11397 0
    Bit Errors: 0 0

    Total ES: 4 0
    Total SES: 0 0
    Total UAS: 11 0

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    there is no disturbance in dialtone.
    what are the bsnl dns servers?
    still getting low speeds 60kbps?
    are anyone else experiencing it in chennai?

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    it maybe due to some problem on bsnl's part if everythng else is alright on your end.try to ask some other users in your area if they are having same problem or contact local exchange.they should be able to tell you if its a common problem or not.
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    thanks since today is sunday i cannot contact bsnl. tomorrow i'll contact them and post.

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