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Slow Browsing Speed But Good Download Speed On Home 500c+

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    Default Slow Browsing Speed But Good Download Speed On Home 500c+

    hi i am from alipore area of kolkata n i am facing the same problem with very slow browsing speed but good download speed. i have tried different browsers IE, opera, firefox but speed still sucks. i hv formatted the hard drive but there is no respite. after i format it is lightning fast for a day and becomes slow. i use nod32 i have runned several online scans. so there is no possibility of virus, trojan, adware and spyware. i hv also checked the process running in task manager but there is nothing to suspect.

    is anyone else in kolkata facing the same problem. also to let u know this problem is intermittent n with different websites at different times. so is it a problem from bsnl end. something is wrong somewhere as i know lot of people using bsnl complaing of trojans in last few days also intermittent very slow browsing speed.

    win xp sp 2
    nod 32 AV
    windows firewall
    nokia siemens modem
    dns: open dns
    snr is good

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    it seems you have already done all pre-check before posting here. thats good!. what modem are u using? Try changing from PPPOE to bridge. PPPOE would be faster compared to bridge mode.

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