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Health of my ADSL!!??

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    Thumbs down Health of my ADSL!!??

    I'm using the plan 750UL Plus.
    My browsing rate is very slow...
    Please see the below stats and let me know if there are any faults!
    also do give me some advice in rectifying the same.

    Thanks in advance,

    Downstream Upstream

    SNR Margin 6.3 5.1
    Attenuation 47.0 25.5
    Output Power 12.1 15.5
    Attainable RAte(Kbps) 969 257
    Rate 570 280

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    your SNR values are very low.they must be above 10 & usually are around 28 & 16(downstream,upstream)for most users.more values the better.your downstream Attn is very should be around 30 like most users.lesser attn value the better.get your line checked by bsnl & make sure that line coming into house directly goes into splitter with no phone connected before splitter.
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    If your SNR values are low and Atttenuation high, you will suffer from infrequent connections but that may not affect your browsing speed.

    The UL750 plan gives 256 kbps speed or 32 KB/s. This speed is definitely slow and you cannot do anything about it. If you are getting speeds below 25 KB/s then you should compalin to BSNL.
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    Might be a dumb question...
    You mean to say that SNR and attenuation parameters will not affect the speed of browsing ????????

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    yes.. please follow post no 2 by whitestar

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