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DATA ONE is good...but what about customer service

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    Default DATA ONE is good...but what about customer service

    Dataone broadband service gives what it promised; high speed internet & simultaneous phone usage ...but if something goes wrong why does the customer care take such a long time to sort it out....whats wrong with them. The customer care department of BSNL is not organised it took more than 5 months for them to install a B-phone ( I booked the connection on 1/03/2005 & got the connection in August 2nd week & more than two weeks to install DATAONE Broadband service & they donít accept online bookings too..why is all this why canít the authorities take some actions against these....and where is the online ííTotal Bandwidth usageíí displayed..... how are we supposed to know that??? BSNL is able to provide such service at affordable prices because of their strong infrastructure they already have. i.e, the copper cable across the they should utilise the potential they have to the full extent & give better service. They should further bring down the tariff & also introduce unlimited plans on 256kbps & above speeds.

    23/06/2006 : Hey guys i am back & have edited my Review today....Altough BSNLís service has not improved very much, keeping in mind the disconnections & bandwidth drop under few circumstances & the never co-operating Customer Service...They have impressed me by introducing the UNLIMITED PLAN on 256 kbps speed for Rs.900/-.....I just applied for the upgradation of my Plan from Home 500 to Home 900 & just waiting for the sweet moments finally when i can download without worrying about my rising bills...I have also noticed that the bandwidth problems are rising as the No. of Broadband customers are incresing....COMMENTS ON TIS PLEASE....

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    Bhai Saheb Na Lo (BSNL).

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