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Unlimited Internet on BSNL Broadband

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    India Broadband

    Default Unlimited Internet on BSNL Broadband

    Dear BSNL Broadband users,
    The era of dialup is over. Now Indian internet users can also watch movie online, can download big files in seconds, above all can open web sites in milli seconds..

    Broadband Modem / ADSL Router
    The broadband modem priced Rs 1200/-, itself contains a hardware Router, DHCP Server, Firewall, NAT Server etc( where normally a dedicated DHCP Server / Router etc will cost you in lacs.). The modem can be used for a bandwidth of 20 Mbps also. So when you are upgrading your speed, there is no need to change the modem or settings.
    Some models of DLink modems are giving problems( DLink 503 Ti), so make sure that that model is working in you area before purchasing it. Best way is to get modem from BSNL only.

    Apart from broadband internet connectivity Dataone offers you services like ’’Video On Demand’’, ’’Audio conferencing’’,’’Live Games’’ etc.. So soon you can watch live cricket match from you office PC ...

    The greatest thing is, being a BSNL Dataone subscriber you are connected to India’s network backbone. Can you imagine taking print outs from your network enabled printer at Mumbai office sitting in your residence Banglore... Or logging into your friends PC at Delhi sitting in your house at Chennai....

    Business sector will be getting maximum benefit from BSNL Broadband. Even in 256 Kbps connection they can run a mail server easily. Higher plans even offer static IP and multiple simultaneous logins. They can even run a webserver or their software on broadband. Mutiple branches can be connected together using VPN at 1/20 th cost of a normal VPN connection.

    Technology & Support
    And probably in India, BSNL will the first to use a latest technology ( same is used in other developed countries also) ADSL 2+ for the internet service. And for Broadband service BSNL’s support is far better than expected. And the connections are given within 1-7 days normally.

    Rentals & Tariff
    Welcome package of Rs 250/- per month is available for home and business useres. Higher home plans are available from Rs 500/- per month, business plans from Rs 700/-. There is no additional charges for internet if usage is limited according to the plans. If you exceed the free usage limit, you have to pay for additional usage.

    Till today there is no complaints about speed. Initially 3 times I have experienced connectivity problem.. and it was rectified in 2-3 hrs.
    Some connections working more than 5 KM away from exchanges having some speed problem. Linux connectivity solutions are available on internet. Please ask your local exchange people to check your telephone cable before getting broadband connection.

    Winding up... Queries can be send to my id.. If the review was useful to you .. pls rate my review.. Bye for now.. happy surfing..

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    Default Offer

    IF there is any offer for BSNL EVDO at Palayamkottai-Tamilnadu?
    In BSNl office they are telling offer closed on 30.06.2008
    Any one can help in this regard.

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    Thanks fro the info ... hopefully BSNL will increase the speed of the 750 UL .. 256 kind of sucks compared to the Home 500 plans

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    i understand 256 can be kinda slow and 500 fast but did ya ever give it a thot that when u visit a website full of flash material or pop ups dancing infront of u, then ur 2mbps speed with limited download space per month [2.5 GB] will make it seem very less. cos if pages open faster, then even streaming material unknown to u makes itself go faster and eats up ur usage bro and if u like to surf long during daytimes i dont think its beneficial or am i wrong? unless ofcourse u surfing and downloading between 2 am - 8 am.

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    oh yeh but its different if ur talking about unlimited 384Kbps connection for Rs 750. Then i say its perfectly helpful pretty good idea. cos atleast that much they can do to increase speed.

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