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cannot open

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    Exclamation cannot open

    from last few weeks i am unable to open the website...
    i hav smartax mt882 bsnl modem...
    pls suggest a solution

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    click on LAN icon in system tray & then click on support tab.check that IP address is something like 192.168.1.x(x is a number between 2-253) & gateway is
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    Default Faced same problem & resolved

    I too faced same problem and figured out the problem. Check if any firewall is running in your system. In my case "Zone Alarm Firewall" was blocking all internet traffic including

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    Try to ping the IP if ping results shows 0% loss then you must be able to brows the ip.

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    hi there

    for this problem first please check LAN IP first and it shud be on obtain automatically.

    then please check IP address

    if your IP is
    169.254.x.x then please check if LAN cable is connected properly or not and if LAN cable is connected then please try this... go to start>>RUN>> in RUN box type CMD... and in command prompt screen just type
    "netsh winsock reset catalog"

    and if LAN IP says Media State Media Disconnected then its a possible problem with your NIC or there is no physical connection between your router and computer

    and if LAN IP is it means you are on static IP, for this please change your IP to obtain an IP address automatically

    if LAN IP is anything between to then first you need to check Ping if there is a reply then its good..
    if you get any ping reply then you need to disable firewall and can delete cookies and temp files... if still its not working then you can post here will provide you some more solutions bro


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