I live in Bangalore. I was struggling with a local cable guy. Finally I got BSNL DataOne. The speed and connectivity are quite good for the money (Rs500 p.m.). Everything was good till I get the problem mentioned below-

I use my own POPand SMTP. My webserver/mail server (hosts) have tied up with anti-spam network (spamhaus.org). I regularly get the problem of BSNLís IPs are blacklisted by the spamhaus.org and hence not able to send mails. Earlier, spamhaus.org had an option wherein anyone can enter the IP adrs and request it to be removed and the IP used to be removed in abt 2 hrs time. Now they have removed that option. Only BSNL ppl can request spamhaus.org to remove the IP. I complained this to BSNLís customer service staff. But they did not taken any action.

I kept calling their customer service everyday. They simply answered me that my complaint has been passed to the higher authorities. They refuse to provide with their email id. What a pathetic situation? When I insisted on the email id, I was asked to go to their head office and meet their GM. Indiaís premier ISP does not have an email id to contact. Can you believe that?

The problem is now five days old and so far it has not been rectified.