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Help: Billing Issue

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    Default Help: Billing Issue

    Hi Friends,
    I always get issues with my broadband billing...
    I used to schedule my downloads using download managers and will switch on my modem and will got to sleep... No issues... the download will start exactly by 2:00 Am.. But the problem is with their billing...

    I suppose BSNL is maintaining some 30 mins slots for billing.. So wen i switch on modem before 2:00 AM, I was charged for the first 30 mins.. The same happened for few days... I failed to notice.. Wen i saw the bill, it went as high as Rs 3500 actually i should have got only Rs 560....

    Is there any way to schedule the downloads and get the correct bill????

    Am looking forward your suggestions......

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    switch on the modem at 2:05's a little bit annoying but definitely better than worrying about can also try using telnet script to automate the restart of modem.
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