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Static IP Address on WA3002G4 modem ?????

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    Default Static IP Address on WA3002G4 modem ?????

    how to set Static IP Address on WA3002G4 modem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What do you mean by static IP? BSNL does not provide static IP unless it is a business plan.

    I hope you are not confusing static IP with local IP address of the router.

    If you have a static IP address from BSNL, you can set it in the WAN properties after selecting the proper mode:

    - Bridge with static IP
    - PPPoE with static IP
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    If you need a Static IP address for Portforwarding for games/applications etc
    see for detailed instructions.
    All of us (Home plans)allotted Dynamic IP only which changes often.

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