Hi there, I'm going to be regularly visiting Jalandhar on business - and will be there for 3 months at the end of this year. I have a couple of questions which I hope someone can help me with. I want to be able to access broadband on my laptop with a BSNL evdo modem.

1. Is BSNL the best or only evdo/3g service in Jalandhar?

1. The BSNL evdo laptop modem seems very expensive, and hiring one may be difficult for me since though I am an Overseas Citizen of India, I'm normally resident in the UK. Would I be able to purchase an evdo modem in the UK and use it in Jalandhar? I see them on ebay - shipped from Hong Kong - for around 3,000 roops (25). Would I be able to get the connection if I had my own modem?

2. Any indication of what the service is like in Jalandhar? I will be using it for videoconferencing with the UK over Skype, as well as email and web use.

Many thanks in advance!