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please help me in finding a device to surf wtih EVDO

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    Question please help me in finding a device to surf wtih EVDO


    Currently I am using BSNL boadband 500 c plan and from next month onwards I want to use BSNL EVDO card. It is available in our city. I want to use internet on the move, at different places in my city and I dont have a laptop. What else can I use to surf the net with EVDO cards? Do we have any china made cellphones or devices which can be used inplace of a laptop? I am asking this because I have a very low budget on this (around Rs. 5000/- excluding what I spend on EVDO). Please clarify.


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    The BSNL EV-DO card comes in two variants USB and pcmcia.
    To use the card you got to have a laptop or a desktop.
    And as far as I know there is no mobile phone which has an USB port or which supports the EV-DO card.
    You did'nt specify your requirement.Generally people only surf on the move ,so I assuming that you just want to surf on the move using a less costing device(for RS.5000)
    For surfing on move the mobile GPRS and EDGE should be sufficient.
    There are unlimited GPRS plans from BSNL for Rs.199
    And even other providers have attractive offers .
    So for your buget I suggest you to buy a good phone with GPRS EDGE and choose the plans according to your requirement.
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    Presently EVDO s available only in the form of Data Cards. It can not be configured in a Handset.
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    Thank both of you for replies. In fact I was not expecting a reply in such a short span of time, so I took 24 hours to come back and check.

    For Speedy:
    My requirement is to keep downloading even when I am going from one office to another (I am into marketing).

    For both of you:
    By skimming through this forum I came to know that downloading is not a problem as long as we have a rapidshare premium account. I will be glad if you can suggest any laptop which comes in that budget, any local made, any china made, of course should be compatible with EVDO CARD.

    Thanks once again.

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