I purchased a BSNL EVDO connection in Kanpur. As my job involves touring all over the country, almost all the time, the only consideration was that the connection should permit roaming facility. As the BSNL site etc. confirmed availability of roaming, I bought the card/connection.

Surprisingly the card did not work when I went to Mumbai. On checking with BSNL, Kanpur they told me that it will work only in UP East Circle. But to my surprise the card did not function even at Lucknow. On raising a hue and cry, BSNL Kanpur advised me to get the card re-programmed at BSNL, Lucknow, which I did. The card worked nicely at Lucknow, thereafter.

On my next visit to Mumbai the card again did not work - does not show any connectivity and the message says - 'no response from remote computer' or something to that effect.

Currently, I am in Bangalore and the card is not working even here. Message is same as above.

Can someone provide help in this regard.