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BSNL Towers in chennai

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    Default BSNL Towers in chennai

    hi guys,

    can you please tell me the bsnl towers(especially CDMA) in chennai please

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    in which area of Chennai are you staying ?
    Planning to climb any of the towers??? !!!!
    For Broad band many ISPs may share the same tower.
    The towers are not marked BSNL Airtel etc.

    It would help, for a proper reply, if the REASONS for such requests are also posted.

    Have a look at the nearby tall buildings and terrace/s.
    and check whether you get better signal in your cdma eqpt when you are near any of these towers. ( cellphone user ? trying for EV-DO Broadband? )
    Alist where EV-DO service is provided by BSNL in Chennai is available.Usually outskirts of Chennai.

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