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Is EVDO Worth Buying?

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    Question Is EVDO Worth Buying?

    Guys m planning to buy BSNL EVDO...ipresently i m using BSNL 750 UL which gives crappy speeds

    The EVDO tower is some 300 meters from my house.

    I reserched a lot on EVDo and found both positive and negative comments about it

    So if anyone is using EVDO can u please tell ur experiences about it

    Please answer the following questions

    1)How much is ACTUAL speed of BSNL much i will get if i am 300 meters away from the tower

    2) Will I be able to download movies from torrents...Does EVDO provide dynamic IP or Static IP?

    Please dont confuse me...anymore since i m already confused

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    Yes. You will be able to use torrents and download movies and games. EVDO promises 3.1 Mbps speed but you will get around 250 KBps. Upload is less, around 20 KBps. These are the info from my friend who is using EvDO. Before purchasing it, ask them to give a demo at your place. It will give an exact idea about the speed.

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    I think yes, this is very good to user for users who want to carry broadband in their way. I am also using EVDO, I am happy with it. but sometime it disconnect because lack of tower in my area. when i consult the staff, the give assurace to install tower in my area soon. so hope for best, for me it is good.

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    Yes, EVDO is giving very good performance and one of my friend is very happy using it.

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    test the speed at your area before buying it...

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