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some help on EVDO

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    Default some help on EVDO

    i want to purchase BSNL EVDO. so i some detail of EVDO
    1. i m from noida, is there any exrta charge for roaming in Postpaid unlimited plan, if i use on my Laptop in bombay.

    2. where should i contact for this to purchase EVDO.

    3. can i get the list of cities where i can use this net??

    4. and speed of unlimited plan?

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    If you are on local plan then you can only able to use it in your state but if you are on national plan you can use it any where.........

    See cities here: BSNL EVDO Enabled Cities in India | BSNL EVDO CLUB

    You can get 1 Mbps on an average and actually it depends upon the network you are getting and number of users using 3G from the same network,.....

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