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Plz help on MMX 300C Datacard Modem

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    Default Plz help on MMX 300C Datacard Modem

    Dear Friends,

    I am from Kolkata and need your guidance on BSNL’s Micromax PRE-PAID modem datacard which was introduced earlier in a few other cities.

    I have just purchased an MMX 300C HSIA Rev A USB Modem from BSNL in KOLKATA for my subscription to BSNL’s EVDO Datacard connection (PRE-PAID).

    Since the BSNL staff in Kolkata is not at all familiar with this new modem’s features, functions and services, I would like to get your assistance on the following three query points:

    (1) What is the WARRANTY PERIOD for this MMX 300C HSIA Rev A USB Modem ? Since I have not bought it from a Micromax dealer, will the DATE ON BSNL’S SUBSCRIPTION RECEIPT be taken as my date of purchase ?

    (2) In the MMX 300C PC MANAGER dialog box, HOW DO I GET TO KNOW MY ACTUAL DATA USAGE (IN KB / MB) STARTING FROM A SPECIFIC DAY OF THE MONTH TILL A SPECIFIC DATE ? In other words, how do I get know the REMAINING DATA USAGE BALANCE in my monthly BSNL Pre-Paid account against my given data usage quota ?

    In PC Manager dialog box, under the ‘Settings’ menu, there is only a “Flow Warning” sub-menu where I can only pre-set warning points (in %) against data limits (in MB). But how would I know the actual data usage (in KB/ MB) from a specific day of the month till a specific day and, thereby the remaining balance in my BSNL account ?

    (3) Has BSNL already brought the PRE-PAID Recharge Vouchers in the market ? I mean, are these PRE-PAID cards already available in some cities ?

    Please help on these queries for the benefit of me as well as many others who are very unfamiliar with this new product and its features / functions.

    Shaibal Ghosh


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    1. Warranty is one year and the w.card is inside the box. It counts from the date of your purchase bill.

    2.For post paid, the fraction of the days will be counted for the first month and subsequently, 1st to month end. But for prepaid, you have to confirm with BSNL for billing cycle, because, only then you can set the flow warning, in PC manager.

    In the PM sent to me you have mentioned your initial offer ( for Rs.199 ) is 2GB, valid for 2 months. So naturally you have to set the data limits to 2048MB and in the days period only 31 days can be set. You have to enter day of purchase in the ' begining of the day ' column. After one month, you have to enter the balance unused data volume ( if remains ) in the data limit column, for the second month.

    As per BSNL's site

    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

    199 (0.5GB ), 299 ( 1GB ), 449 ( 2GB ), 649 ( 5GB ) are post paid plans. But in reality, it is not followed uniformly, all over India.

    Why do you go for prepaid plan ? Are you not downloading softwares, movies or torrents ? If so 750 unlimited postpaid is the best choice.

    I have checked various net traffic software. Non of them are so accurate. If we compare the PC manager speed, bit torrent speed, download manager speed and one of the third party software speed they will show different speeds. Only we have to take the average. But the volume of download may be very close to each other. You can try " networx " or " Rokario Bandwidth monitor ". Each one has it's own plus and minuses.

    If you can log in and check with BSNL account, only this will be useful for your usage tracking and billing purposes.

    3.Regarding vouchers, I will enquire here ( in Chennai ) and let you know about it. But I think, availability in your place only, will be useful for you.Now a days most of us are opting for 750 unlimited post paid, which non other service providers offer.

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    Default SAFE to download free Net traffic tracker software ?

    Dear Ramalingam,

    I got your leads on Net traffic volume tracker software like NetWorx, Rokario etc for keeping an eye on my limited PRE-PAID data usage on BSNL EVDO service.

    But IS IT SAFE to download from the Net the free software like NetWorx, Bitmeter, MZL and Novatech ? Are they really free from harmful hidden Viruses, Spyware, Adware etc ? What’s your experience ?

    Kindly help.

    Hearty thanks.


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    Mostly, if you are using minimum an (good) Anti virus, Firewall and Spyware, you need not panic.

    For me Avast anti virus, Zone Alarm Firewall and Spybot S&D spyware.

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