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Please give some INFO on EVDO

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    Lightbulb Please give some INFO on EVDO

    Hi Guys,

    My 3G mtnl DELHI connection is about to expire,so I need some information on evdo connection.

    -Can I use my current data card which is 3G ,for evdo connection which is CDMA
    although my 3G connection uses WCDMA network.

    -BSNL says you can buy external data card and use their sim with it / or buy their data card in that case you don't get a sim.
    which will be better option ?

    -Any of you using the evdo connection in Delhi,what is the average speed.

    Please help me on these points...
    And let me know any other useful info if you have on evdo connection.

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    No You cannot use your 3G Modem for CDMA networks...
    Now BSNL provides RUIM SIM with all new modems....The new model that it provides is Prithvi UE100 Model which works only with a SIM.
    I had used EVDO in Delhi in Roaming. The speeds were different at different locations.

    You Can Check out my video for Speeds:-

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