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Problem in first day !!!!!!!!!

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    Default Problem in first day !!!!!!!!!

    hi.. today i bought bsnl evdo (prithvi ue100) modem and i m getting quite good downloading speed.. but my problem is that my modem is getting extremly hot after 5mins using and net become slow... i need to disconnect the connection and after few mins i connect again to start using... i put my modem in each usb port including motherboadr, cabinet even in my monitor but same prob.......

    plzzzz help me..... what can be the cause ?????????

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    I havent used the modem you are using but the Reliance once I have used including 3g do tend to get hot after a few mins but thats normal. Your low speed could be a matter of debate but modem temperature will go up as you use it.

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    Data Card becoming hot is a sign that you are in a low signal area. try to use a extension cable or placing it near a window

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    lucky that u r atleast getting good speed......its been a week and the download speed I am getting is 1-2 kbps even though i'm getting 3 bars for evdo network

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