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    Default Micromax MMX 310C

    i bought a Micromax MMX 310C and i brought it to bsnl office but their engineers are not able to configure it it makes me high blood!!!

    is there anyone can help me to configure it?

    ive bsnl evdo activated SIM too.

    please help!

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    Is it giving some sort of error when you try to insert the EVDO sim in MMX 310 C?

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    ive tried with prithvi ue100 but i cant connect using EVDO mode. it connects in 1x mode but not in EVDO. when i asked SDO and technician of BSNL they dont know anything, they are just blaming each other, now i suspect if the RUIM is not EVDO.

    please help me.

    They just gave me RUIM in 40 ruppes. prithvi device 1199 + 61rs tax=1260.i just reloaded it wd 20 ruppes.

    please let me know if there is two types of RUIM one is just CDMA and other CDMA with EVDO.

    whenever i switched to EVDO mode and remove device and connect. EVDO appeared but when i clicked connect it just gone off. when i switched to hybrid(ie evdo+1x) it only shows 1x network. BTS is just 800mts away from my home.

    im connecting using.

    access number #777

    BSNL people said they are new to this device, when i had demo they brought up ZTE modem which has inbuilt RUIM & is with anttena. they had no problem with that.i got 600-700 kilo-bits per second during demo wd ZTE modem which is 2 yrs old modem as he said. they said they can activate that ZTE model but that data card is no longer available. is ZTE card good?

    i hope one of u will gonna help me else my money will be wasted and ill curse BSNL throughout my life.

    thanks in advance.
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    seems like this forum is no more worth. admin and experts u must close ur forum. its useless. atleast reply when u cant sort out the problems.

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    Default Re: Micromax MMX 310C

    Is there a diamond sign on the RUIM? If not, it is not a OMH RUIM and does not contain the data PRL settings. It would not work with Micromax or any other Open Market CDMA modems. It can only work wirh soecially designed BSNL aporoved modems which contain the BSNL data PRL settings.
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    I think YOUR USERNAME is WRONG ,,,, use the username "165@AAAnd.in" ( WITHOUT THE QUOTES ) . this may be the reason because in my case username is 165AAAnd.in

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    thanks for ur reply guys. even late it worked out with prithvi ue100. akashruhil. are u using mmx data card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishita_Arora View Post
    thanks for ur reply guys. even late it worked out with prithvi ue100. akashruhil. are u using mmx data card?
    Nope, i m Tata Docomo 3g User. Recently , i took demo of BSNL EVDO . The speed was poor, so i rejected it. But, i knew the settings , thats why i tried to help .BSNL EVDO SETTINGS.jpg

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