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    Default how to do a 55 unlimited topup guys

    using prithivi Ue100 and preapid monthly 150 pack as starter and i want to try the one day unlimited pack .... please ENLIGHTEN me

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    O.T @sekerandharun: clear your inbox. i can't able to pm you.
    dude i am asking about rs55 plan to customer care. he told me rs55,250,440,825 plans are only available for general plan customer and not for EVDO rs150,250,500.
    i am also have same doubt. pls anyone clear my doubt.
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    just go to nearest shop and ask to recharge 55 ruppes thru bsnl flexi(lappu). gsm lappu will also work out and ask to recharge not top up.

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    RS 55 UL plan is only available for general CDMA users not for EVDO specific users

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    these plans for Genera cdma & General EVDO Plan users

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    Just contact your customer care or goto nearest shops and clear your doubts.

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    Open paytm[dot]com and go to data card option. Insert your EVDO MDN and select your circle. And recharge with Rs. 55. Done......... i'm using it currently.

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