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BSNL EVDO disconnection problem

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    Default BSNL EVDO disconnection problem

    I recently purchased an evdo connection. I was given the prithvi ue100 data card from the bsnl office. At first i had a lot of disconnection problem with that modem due to heat problem. So after a lot of searching i got a ZTE ac2746(unlocked). After that the disconnection problem reduced a lot and even the speed is good. I am getting a download speed of around 180 kbps on average . The problem is that when the speed does max out , like when it reaches 200-240 kbps the connection automatically disconnects. I did do the dial-up connection settings so that it automatically redials the connection once the line is dropped but after some successful redial attempts it stops connecting with the error message as connection could not be established. And this Doesn't get resolved till i restart or unplug and replug the data card. Please provide some guidance as to what exactly is the cause of this problem and how can it be resolved.

    (P.S. - The signal strength that i am receiving is good, All five bars)

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    I used to have the exact same problem with MTNL 3G. I just watched the speed at which the disconnection used to get triggered and I found out that my disconnection occurred above 220KB/s even thought it did not make any sense but I set my torrent download max speed at 210KB/s and the disconnection problem went away. I have no idea why this happens.

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    I tried setting the torrent download rate at 175 kbps but it still touches the 220 kbps mark and Thn disconnects. I have also tried five different dongles, same problem in all of them. The problem is that after a series of disconnections, Windows says tht the modem is not found.

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    Also what's shocking is that no one else is facing this problem!
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