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BSNL EVDO Balance Check. Help ?

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    Question BSNL EVDO Balance Check. Help ?

    I bought a BSNL EVDO sim from BSNL office and got Rs399 balance with it and purchased Micromax 310C datacard online. Now the problem is I dont have any cdma phone and mircomax 310c cannot make calls, it can only send msgs and USSD. I called at BSNL customer care many times, they are so full of crap. They say that only way of finding balance is by calling 123 and no msg support. I dont believe that.
    So, is there any way that I can check my balance from my Datacard. ? by MSG of any USSD. ?
    I tried sending AMT to 53733 but no luck, no reply came. Those 399rs i have as my balance are sitting idle. I want to use it for STV recharge of Rs250 (7 days unlimited). Is there Any way to do that ? Any way to recharge from my existing balance ? Tried sending STV 250 to 53733, but no success.
    I live in Kota, Rajasthan, i think its BSNL north, connectivity is good, always 4-5 bars.
    Please help me in this. Thanks in advance.


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    Have a look at the thread on how to check BSNL EVDO balance.

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