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I need some help regarding evdo

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    Default I need some help regarding evdo

    I have a mmx 310c data card and dlink dwr111 wifi router they are doing there job good and I'm getting 340+ D 40+U speed 165ms ping
    The problem is the data card is getting too hot i don't know why maybe because of high data transfer
    Is there any solution for this
    What if i change the cable because I'm using a 3mt cable.
    My second question is how to do sms with the data card is there any trick for that.

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    Datacards usually do get hot when in use, so I would not worry about that.
    Is there no dialogue box which opens up when you connect the data card, there are usually options there to send an SMS?

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    310c has this heating issue.. 300c works perfectly though..

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    I cannot think of a way to send and receive sms if you are using a router to connect but mostly usb modems come with a dialer software that has an option to send and receive sms.

    Reducing the cable length does not look like it would solve the heating problem. It is poor designing that is the culprit. Most usb modems get hot after using for some time but some of them get too hot to touch and I believe that is a matter of concern but what can we do really? Try reading reviews before buying electronics in future.

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