I faced the following problems to get connected to EVDO in my laptop

1. The small CD is not running in my laptop
2. Driver installation problems

The ways I overtook these problems, Hopefully this will be helpful for others

1. ZTE provides us the small CD for installation.My laptop (Lenovo Y510) has
disk Slot - (Like Car CD System) so it will not support the
small CDs, So I went to a browsing center and copied to the normal CD.
Now the installation CD is ready

2. My operating system is Windows Vista. For Windows XP and Windows 2000 the
driver problem won't come.

I installed the software (ie- through setup.exe) fine. At last it asks me to
insert the EVDO device, so I plug into the USB. Now it says - "there is no driver
installed for this device" message. I tried many times to install it but it failed.

So I telephoned to the Branch, they have asked me to get the laptop to their place.
I took it and went to the office. One of the engineer tried many times- the same message
were shown. Finally he choosen the option - Manual way - there he gives the driver path
as "c:>program files>ZTE..>Drivers" then do the rest of things - now the installation
process went well