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Need help with D-link DWR 116 wireless router with BSNL EV-DO

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    Default Need help with D-link DWR 116 wireless router with BSNL EV-DO

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a wireless router from D link DWR 116 so that I could continue using BSNL EVDO for internet for my android phones due to my laptop going to laptop heaven and my dad unwilling to resurrect it lol.
    I bought it because it had specifically said that it supported evdo and the seller convinced me that it would support any data card,
    When I got it home and tried connecting it, I could see the signal bar on the interface but it would simply not connect, it also had no preset bsnl evdo profile and I set it manually after some frustrating momentsi wondered if the router was faulty and decided to use my dad's photon + , the router incidentally had it's profile that said Tata indicom and it to my surprise connected without any incident.
    Now, my main intention for buying that router was for evdo not photon, went to the bsnl control office where the tech. Helped me by providing teracomm and prothvi data cards to test but to my horror both were not even recognised, no signal nothing. Called D link helpline and they said that bsnl supplied data cards were not supported , the bsnl tech. Did his best but could not tell me any other solution, the closest being him suggesting me dwr113 for the zte.
    Friends, I don't want to buy another router, but I am willing to have another dongle that supports both bsnl and d link.
    I know my postb is long but I hope it gives you all ample info to understand my problem

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    MICROMAX MMX 300C AND MICROMAX MMX 310C.I'm currently using MICROMAX MMX 310C with TP-LINK wifi router.It will prefectly with D-link DWR 116 wireless router.

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