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Stream Video to aminet 125

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    Default Stream Video to aminet 125

    I initially took bsnl iptv as they offering 150 channels ( pretty much everything ) for 150rs p.m. But then things didnt work out well for bsnl iptv , and myway came into play . Myway scrapped the old tariff and launched new schemes similar to DTH . So the 150channels for 150rs was no longer available and it was all in packages . Thats when i realized that this is not worth it . So i unsubscribed for bsnl iptv.
    But these people havent taken my aminet 125 box back ( i didnt buy it ) . So since quite a few months i have this aminet set top box with me . So i thought i would put it to some use . Thats when i thought i could setup my own iptv server on my pc and stream video to the aminet box.
    SO i tried by setting up DHCP server on my linux machine and connected the ipvt box directly to this machine via LAN. Then i used VLC to stream video to the iptv box. VLC started streaming on the pc . but nothing appeared on tv (iptv box connected to it ) . i'm quite certain that the iptv box picked up an ip from my dhcp server . BUt something is not allowing it to stream. I checked firewall etc . Still no go.
    If anybody has any idea on how to go about doing this , i would really appreciate it.

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    Good initiative my friend, didn't know about BSNL's IPTV service . Good luck for the project, CHEERS!

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