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BSNL Withdraws Mobile Prepaid Plans

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    Default BSNL Withdraws Mobile Prepaid Plans

    A few days ago I posted a thread about BSNL Increasing their Mobile Prepaid Tariffs, to add to this BSNL has also now withdrawn some of their mobile prepaid plans. The plans which have been withdrawn are New General Plan, Student Special, and Life Time plan. BSNL is changing a lot of things in their services, I don't know whether it is something to do with the new government or just a change which BSNL has decided to make, but what I do know is that there are many unhappy customers.

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    All this looks like preperation to privatize the company and get it listed on the stock exchanges like MTNL. The problem is that after looking at MTNL the government knows that unless they take some major steps to increase the profitability of the business there will be no buyers. MTNL is a loss making company with failed projects that every other company is making profits out of. MTNL has their own data centres and that too are loss making so to change the image of BSNL they will have to come up with new ideas and change the attitude of employees if they want a decent valuation.

    I personally believe this is not the time to get rid of state telecom company but to take lead in the price cuts and make broadband and mobile service more affordable not costlier.

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