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Is this a New upcoming connection ?

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    Question Which one ?

    Has anyone heard of Kailash Broadband ? or Wishnet Broadband ?

    Local cable operator told that it is the new upcoming broadband !

    Which one to take ?
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    Kailash broadband I have not heard of, but Wishnet broadband I have heard of before you can read the reviews of Wishnet broadband on the a thread posted on this forum:

    Wishnet broadband reviews

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    it will be tough for these 2 connections to spread its root across india where u already have much vast and cheaper broadband connections but still know nothing about there prices !
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    Agree that there are a number of broadband providers, but just look at how many people are not happy with their connections, some problem or the other. People easily swtich their service providers, so if there was another one in the line, they would try that that too, if their current is providing good enough broadband services.

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