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NET EXPRESS Broadband Chennai review

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    Default NET EXPRESS Broadband Chennai review

    Hi Friends,

    My name is Saji, am an resident of Thiruvanmiyur. I have used almost all the ISP available in chennai, in which the worst service which i have seen is NET EXPRESS. They promise 1 mbps 2 mbps blah blah blah, but u will face continuously disconnection/ and many times only disconnection and each disconnection will prevail for hours.

    Even if the other service providers are 100/- 200/- rs costlier, still they give internet service, but here there is no service itself. Then what is the Point in saying that NET EXPRESS is cheep. Its been almost a month now - i would have got about 20 to 30 hrs of internet only. other than that it shows no DNS server.

    I took this service only by seeing Mr. Jent1eman's Comment, however now i think that he works for NET EXPRESS. In his previous post i could see that he had mentioned saying that there is no internet drop - MAY BE HE IS RIGHT " AS INTERNET DROP DOWN COULD BE SEEN ONLY WHEN THEIR IS INTERNET SERVICE.

    I have launched complaint in their so called CALL CENTER / CUSTOMER CARE, there is no use, a person from technical team will come and just chk all the gadgets and tell that he will have to do some settings in their server and go. Thats it nothing will change. infact their own employees are saying that there is no enough infra for the service to be provided to the customer (Both the technical person and the sales person - but they said all these things only after i took the connection. Every day Same problem again and again it is still getting repeted. EVEN NOW I AM USING MY DATA CARD TO UPLOAD THIS MSG.... I ACTUALLY WANTED TO UPLOAD THIS THREE DAYS BACK BUT ONLY TODAY I BOUGHT A NEW DATA CARD FOR MY MAIL ACTIVITIES.

    I took this connection by paying Rs.2000 + on 18th of June not even a single day i have got internet without disconnection "SO PATHETIC THEIR SERVICE IS"

    As i found that nothing is going to happen by calling call Centre i called up the so called GM - Mr. Rajasekar in chennai, this gentleman will just pass on the bug to some subordinate of his team, and that person will not pick up the call and even if some one pick up the call they would respond saying that the concerned person is in a meeting.


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    Its about time you move to another service provider. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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