I have recently purchased Tenda N3 Router for home use purpose and I am facing problem in configuring it. At home I have Alliance broadband connection configured with Static IP given by ISP. I configured the router with Static IP Setting and in WAN Port status I am getting connected status but still I am not able to access internet through router. When I am trying to ping gateway server using my laptop I am getting the message that “destination server is not reachable” though I am able to ping the static IP configured on WAN port. Can you please provide solution for this problem.

I had made following setting on router:-

Static IP Details as given by Alliance Broadband:-

Static IP - 172.19.163.XXX
Subnet Mask -
Gateway - 172.19.163.yyy
DNS Server - 172.19.163.yyy

IP Setting of router LAN port:-
IP - [Default IP]
Subnet Mask -

WAN Speed - 10 Mbps full Duplex
MTU - 1500

Do I need to change IP address of LAN Port?