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BMW Rickshaw

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    Default BMW Rickshaw

    The streets of Beijing have been seeing a BMW Mini Cooper nowadays. ‘The Other Rickshaw’, tricycle has been designed and produced by BMW. A licensed BMW agent, Chen De Bao Company has said that this is the only rickshaw of its type in the world. It has been made out of the original rear of the BMW car and has been equipped with safety belts. The driver of the vehicle says that it is heavy and a lot of efforts needs to run it. It’s a sort of bicycle pulling a two wheeled car body. It has been decorated with four gold plated dragons and other Chinese decorations. The rickshaw has got a small bump because of which it is under repair and will be back on road soon.

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    I saw the title and came here hoping to see a photograph.

    I bet it is heavy too!

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    I heard of the Mini rickshaw but not the BMW rickshaw!!!

    Here's an image of the Mini rickshaw: