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LPG for cars

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    Default LPG for cars

    Which is better for your car LPG or petrol?
    Now With petrol prices rising everyday people are looking for alternatives like electric cars and even cars running on water, but all this are a future technology for now e do have better and greener alternatives to petrol like LPG, and CNG
    LPG has this environment friendly and green advantage on it.though LPG is lesser expensive than petrol But the initial cost of LPG engine setup is high and availability of LPG gas at all outlets looks bleak. But using LPG makes sense if you environment conscious and have daily vehicle running cost on mind.
    Government is also trying to promote use of LPG instead of petrol so you have government support too.
    But there are disadvantages for LPG like it occupies space and you may have to wait a little longer at fuel pumps.

    The investment on LPG can be recovered in less than an year and is the best option if you donít drive too fast. And you can easily convert to petrol engine if you donít like the option of LPG.
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    LPG in car is more risky than CNG
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    I agrees with all the members of this post. LPG is more cheaper than convenient petrol so if you have a choice to save some money on fuel, i think i would certainly go for it.

    thanks in advance

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    All should know that you cannot always run the car on LPG or the engine may cease. For proper lubrication and running, it is recommended that the dual-fuel car (LPG + Petrol) must be run on petrol at least 20% of the time.

    LPG is a very dangerous fuel. It is only in India that we have LPG as fuel. I have seen and heard of cars catching fire (thankfully not exploding) because of short circuit. The common thing in all these cars was LPG.

    While it is true that factory fitted LPG kits are safer, it is still dangerous. CNG is the better option. In other places of the world where they have gas (I don't mean gas as in gasolene - the way it is represented in US), CNG is the option.
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    Default LPG for cars

    I think it's worth it a risk to try LPG to save the environment and save money as well. Some cars are already running using water alone but it will take time in order for such technology to come.

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    Its true that LPG and CNG are greener and non polluting

    @J4K The engine ceases in the case of a venturi LPG kit
    But now a days Sequential Kits are availiable in which gas is directly injected into the Engine; which is not harmful for the engine

    CNG is a better option as its lighter than air and rises up the atmosphere in case of a leak;LPG being Heavier Stays in the car in event of a leak and even a spark can set the thing off

    I have a CNG installed Fiesta and Planning to buy a Factory fitted SX4 CNG
    In LPG you get 80-90% average compared to petrol and 150% average for CNG
    Also CNG is Cheaper than LPG and Petrol and my net running cost is 30% that of petrol
    For LPG's case its 50%

    And about the queues
    In Bombay or Mumbai(who cares) there are two different queues for Rickshaws and Four Wheelers so time is not a problem

    Its true that CNG sequential kits cost 60k compared to 30k of LPG kits
    but who will compromise for Safety

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    The cost of CNG is less because there is no demand
    In future if everyone uses CNG itll be more than that of petrol
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