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car company having R&D in india?

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    Default car company having R&D in india?

    please name some.i cant figure out any indigenous engine model other than mahindra & mahindra.
    damn shame,so much advertisements and huff and puff but desi kuch nahi

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    He! He! What do you mean? Jaguar-Landrover is now a desi company.

    Jokes aside. There is nothing wrong in that. The best suited talent/resource pool gets the respective jobs. We are into manufacturing and services. You will not see China complaining, will you?

    As long as balance of trade is maintained and we spend less than we earn, that is fine. Alas! This is the problem currently.
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    well i am in a free country (thank god), and why shouldn't i point it out,may be others dont complain being cheap labours but i will protest(if it gets deleted,it wouldn't be the first time with me,oh well even my ID got deleted once,so i am "used to it")

    hmm talents.lets talk education wise-isn't IITs entrance examinations considered the toughest in the world and only the best brains graduate-what the hell are they doing,havent heard of any new technique or technology from them.
    isn't our country producing the highest number of technical graduates each year compaired to any other country,china aside.well i a acollege graduate myself and i know how we all got through 4 years-ratta marke.and today my class topper dosent know the difference between a furnace and a boiler.there is no quality,just like mass over production.
    in other "developed" countries getting a descent education is so costly,so many young people simply drop out, and look at us,we are just making a mockery of it by opening up private colleges in every nukkad and gali just like hole in the wall pan shops.where is the quality????
    ok education and colleges chodo-
    lets talk real business here-how much of our military hardware is indigenous,feel ashamed to pronounce it out,even whisper it, and still take so much pride in our armed those damn maoists are better equipped then u know whom.
    ISRO-hmm,well i am no rocket scientist but aren't they still begging to NASA and ESA for liquid fuel cryo technology.

    are khud kuch kar nahi sakte ho to atleast master the art of reverse engineering,oh well we are indians,we hate piracy so a big no no.better off buying chinese goods.

    arre even the roti we eat wouldn't have been possible if there was no green revolution wasent it for that indian fellow,oh sorry spelled it wrong-foreign fellow.
    how are we better off than pakistan or even afganistan for that matter-we all have terrorism,we leach off developed countries,we all have covers all the points, i think.
    aur bollywood-arre nam se hi sharam ati hai,usko kya discuss karna.

    or maybe i shouldnt complain,i get 4 square meals a day,sar ke uppar roof hai(this puts me in the privilaged bracket,courtesy indian standard) aur kya chhaiye.

    but still...... main dam nahi hai aur superpower banne chale,hahahaha.
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