Car : Swift
Existing equipment installed : None (Its New Car)
Music tastes : Rock, Hiphop, Rap
Budget :Max Rs.13000 including every thing
Location : Delhi

It must have bluetooth, Auxilary port & USB Port, Memory Card slot is optional.

I will be listening to heavy bass songs, so I want my audio system to deliver killing bass,but that doesn't mean that speakers should compromise to the voice/treble part, all things should be in balance,coz I have seen many cars whose bass can shake them,but overall when it comes to listening you'll not like it at all,coz sound on medium/high frequency is not so good, so my priority is deepest,low frequency bass, but not compromising on other aspects highly,little bit is acceptable.
As per my kind of music taste,I will be very rarely listening to soft or slow/blue or country,etc.
I can go with any company,I don't have any problem with that
Just try to fit it as much thump/bass into my setup, I know my budget is not high & try to fit in sub-woofer in this budget,kindly advice me the best setup in the market that i can buy in this much budget.
Top priority is speakers then the sub-woofers then the head unit,then tweeters,mid range drivers,cabling,etc
Suppose if by eliminating bluetooth feature from head unit the total cost decreases,so that you can increase speaker quality or buy better equipments then you can remove bluetooth head unit by some lower cost substitute, otherwise let bluetooth enabled head unit remain.