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Ban on 10 year old vehicles

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    Default Ban on 10 year old vehicles

    Does anyone have any true information about the 10 year old car ban. All I know is that there is a ban but there is no detailed information on whether this applies to commercial vehicles or private vehicles.
    Has this rule been applied yet or is it in process?

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    I doubt in mumbai or in India any such rule exists . As here if you got to some of
    the villages many bikes have been modified and made carriers for the Human transport . You must see it to believe it.

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    I heard in news yesterday that it applies to both petrol and diesel vehicles so from now any vehicle that is more then 10 years old will not be allowed on Delhi roads.

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    My car is 11 years old and I am not going to sell it any time soon. I wonder what the fine is and how strictly this rule would be applied. My car has passed pollution control test so I don't understand what difference there is between a 9 year old car and a 11 year old car if the amount of pollution created by both is exactly the same. My car emits less pollution because I have never driven it rough so it is a very smooth engine which has been serviced regularly.

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    This would invite a lot of litigation from residents if this is applied on private vehicles too. It would be good to keep it to commercial vehicles only.

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    I dont know much about this either, but I doubt it whether this rule applies to private vehicles. For some it is not so easy getting a car and if the car is working fine with up to date services then there is no need to sell it. I can understand why this rule would be applied to commercial vehicles, but no sense in it being applied to private ones.

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    It should be the disel vehicles that needs to be banned. Indian roads are alreay noisy with un tolerable honks, and to make matters worse diesl engines makes it worse. It contributes most to air pollution as well. Diesel vehicles are the curse to Delhi.. I must say!

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