JAK Communications launched by Alagiri's son, to start working in CAS
Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers MK Alagiri’s son Dhayanithi Alagiri has launched an MSO – JAK Communications Private Limited in Chennai.

The new company has invested Rs.50 crores in the project and will begin commercial roll-out, soon in the CAS. It has obtained rights to lay underground cables covering 200 KM and it will be done through rail net.

The new MSO will have to compete the market leader Sumangali Cable Vision (SCV) run by the Sun TV group. "There are many cell phone service operators in the market, still new people are entering… We are technologically superior and have a competitive price", said Dhayanithi Alagiri, Director, JAK Communications Private Ltd.

Of the 228 channels to be offered by the company, 84 are analogue and the rest will be digital. Apart from supply of TV signals, the company has plans to introduce a number of VAS such as video-on-demand,
astrology, shopping, online ticketing and e-mails etc.