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USB HDD Not Accessible

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    Default USB HDD Not Accessible

    plz any person have any type of solution plz help me
    my USB HDD Not Accessible.

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    please feel free to share some details.

    With what u have written, there can be only one reply : "buy a new one" .

    what sort of prob r ya facing ..... is anything happening happening when u insert the usb end into mobo usb port ??? can u see the drive in Winexplorer ??? can u enter it ??? can u format it ??? is data transfer possible ????
    answer these in that order.

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    @ maurya18 elaborate ur problem so that we cud understand better

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    1)Is it detecting new Hardware when you plug in the USB ?
    2)What company HDD is it ?
    3)Is the cable USB1.0 or USB2.0
    4)Does your computer have a USB2.0 port
    5) How many USB ports do you have and do all of them work
    6)xp or vista ?

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    hey maurya where are you????

    and pls share the details...
    pls dont be like a kgb person..

    i think if its giving a vital fat error, than i think ur usb hd is gone...

    but without knowing details noone can help out , ya know?
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