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Phenom II out: Prices disappointing

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    Default Phenom II out: Prices disappointing

    U can buy the P II on - Buy Tech Online Now!!!
    P II 920 - 14k
    P II 940BE - 16k

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    very disappointing ... might as well invest in an corei7

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    I think these techshop ppl have a habit of ripping.
    When they per ordered the 4850, they gave it for 14k. Now, same thing is at 10k mark.Hope this too gets down soon.

    Well, if u go for a corei7, the cheapest mobo costs around 16k, where as u can get a good 780G for 4k. The total AMD system will cost around half the cost, u can use that cash for better stuff(gfx card, liquid cooling, etc) .
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    Hi guys some good news.
    The prices have been reduced frm 14K to 12K for the P2 920. Still a bit pricey, but at least in the correct direction.

    AMD Phenom II X4 920 HDX920XCGIBOX Processor - HDX920XCGIBOX by: AMD -


    The prices of the P2 940 have also been reduced frm 16k to 14.5k.
    So, to sum it up:
    Name ______Old Price _________New price______ Difference
    P2 920______Rs 13,999________Rs 11,899 ______Rs 2100
    P2 940BE____Rs 15,999 ________Rs 14,449_______Rs 1550
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