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Info on RV790 (RV770 refresh)

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    Default Info on RV790 (RV770 refresh)

    RV790 Samples Carry Faster Memory
    Having taped out late last year, samples based on the new RV790 graphics processor have been doing rounds in the industry. A few more details have surfaced about it. Earlier noted to have identical clock speeds to that of the RV770XT (Radeon HD 4870), the RV790 samples are now known to have higher memory clock speeds. While the Radeon HD 4870 has its memory frequency at 900 MHz GDDR5 (effective 3.60 GHz), the samples carry memory clocked at 975 MHz (effective 3.90 GHz). Interestingly the memory chips on the sample, labeled IDGV1G-05A1F1C-40X, made by Qimonda, are specified to run at 1.00 GHz, reaching the 4 GHz effective memory speed mark. The samples feature 1 GB of memory. The RV790 is AMD's new current-generation graphics processor built on the newer 40nm silicon fabrication process. The new process is expected to reduce the GPU's power consumption and thermal footprint. The RV790 is conceived to be an immediate successor to the RV770 GPU.

    No word on the launch dates.
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    Default Updated on 31/1/09

    techPowerUp! News :: RV790 Makes Radeon HD 4900 Series, Led by HD 4995 X2?

    If this is true(dual card solution), this could be AMD/ATI 's year of dominance. They really do need it. If another year like last year, the company could die out soon. I hope this send a msg to those who wanna upgrade. Guys, plz w8 for another month. These are to be released very soon. Even NV is going to release their 40nm cards very soon. This is going to be a very interesting Q1 .

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