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Processor & heatsink - Inseperable ?

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    Default Processor & heatsink - Inseperable ?

    Is it safe to remove processor and its heatsink. I've heard that everytime you do that you have to reapply the thermal gel, while others claim that its not neccessary to apply it everytime

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    I've removed and cleaned my heat sink numerous times and never applied the thermal paste, after that there is no rise in temp actually ur heat sink should be completely cleaned if its choked with dust then it wont cool down fast by fan.

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    ^ Oh right then which proc r u using ?

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    Pentium 4 ,MPGA 478 pin, running at 1.7 GHz

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    its alway better to apply paste.
    Apply very little, just 1 drop or so and spread a very thin lane.
    The next time u seperate them, use some thiner and clean that old paste off the Heatsink and processor, and apply a new layer on the heatsink. The paste just provides better contact between the 2 surfaces. So u decide if it is necessary or not.

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    Yes rajan is right. The main purpose of thermal past is to bridge the gap between the surface of processor and heat sink to facilitate the proper heat transfer. It is advisable to use thermal paste.

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