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Hard-disk Capacity ??

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    Question Hard-disk Capacity ??

    Hello everyone ,

    I at times Wonder how the HDD store data ............ This is the case because i find the same size HDD storing much larger amount of data than the lower capacity one's ................. I mean what is the basic Difference between various capacity HDD in terms of their ability of storing data ...............

    Thnxx in advance ............

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    Check this from Howstuffworks How Hard Disk Works

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    by size do you mean the physical size ie 3.5" ?

    then thats beacause HDD consists of one or more CD like rotating magnetic disks (called platter).

    for increasing capacity, either the no of such disks are increased or the amount of data stored in a single disk is increased.

    But usually only the latter is followed. Usually u can find this info when a new Higher capacity HDD is realeased :- "XXX GB's/ Platter"

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